The most versatile polarized Rx sunlenses

combine polarization technology with photochromic and offer
the widest available today range of light absorption characteristics.

60% absorption
For low-light daytime situations

68% absorption

72% absorption

75% absorption

80% absorption
partly cloudy

85% absorption
partly sunny

88% absorption
direct sun

91% absorption
maximum protection from intense sunlight

Why NuPolar Infinite Grey®?

  • Effectively block blinding glare in any weather
  • Intelligently and quickly adapt (darken or fade) depending on the available light
  • Improve clarity of vision and depth perception
  • Eliminate necessity of changing glasses every time light conditions change
  • Aesthetically attractive range of grey colors in the same lens

As a leader of polarized ophthalmic sunwear, Younger optics conducted extensive studies on lens preferences of ophthalmic lens users. The difference in light sensitivity, life style and prescription of various users often determines the choice of sunwear lenses or, in some cases, lead to decision not to use sunwear at all.

The most common complaint from ophthalmic lens users is that their lenses are either too light or too dark typically at the wrong times. The users of corrective eyewear have radically different approach to sunglasses than people without eye correction requirement. The lens adaptability and performance is much more important for Rx patients. They do not have an option to simply remove the sunglasses when lighting conditions change. They can only replace one pair of corrective eyewear with another.

With Nupolar Infinite Grey® it is possible to wear Rx sunglasses virtually in any day time situation, while still enjoying the main benefit of polarization – blocking blinding glare. They can be both the lightest and darkest possible polarized lenses in the same pair of Rx sunglasses, providing amazing comfort and visibility.

Lightest state – 60% Absorption(1)
Darkest State – 91% Absorption(2)(3)


  1. Absorption data is measured for AR coated finished lenses.
  2. The highest permissible by standard light Absorption Is 92%.
  3. Absorption and speed of change may vary depending on the temperature. The declared values are measured at 24° C.
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